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Neuroskeletal Therapy can assist patients experiencing pain or limited movement associated with joint ,misalignment, unsatisfactory muscle condition and bad posture. This new treatment builds upon 20 years of clinical practice.
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Understanding Disc Pain

Pain generated by the spinal disc is quite often misunderstood-partly because health professionals often do not agree on what spinal disc pathology is, and partly because the disc problems are not always well explained to (or understood by) patients. There are many different terms to describe spinal disc pathology (such as pinched nerve, herniated disc, bulging, ruptured or slipped disc,


Preventing General Low Back Pain

Steps you can take to prevent back pain include the following: Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Consider having your gait evaluated and corrected, if appropriate, with regular spinal alignment. Make sure your work surface is at a comfortable height for you. Use a chair with good lower back support that may recline slightly. If you must sit for long periods, rest

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Mike McDonnell (Rodes Island, USA)

I am writing a brief summary of my experience with Mr. Dr. Walid Abou Dehn who treated me for six weeks at the Sydney Back Clinic in February/March of 2005. My name is Mike and I am from America. In 2001, I discovered that I had scoliosis which was untreated my whole life. I had a 20 degree atypical thoracic


Vanessa Bristow (fractured spine)

About 3 years ago, I fell over at work and severely damaged my spine thus crushing and misplacing vertebrae along 3 places in my back. Since then I have tried many therapies from Osteopath to Chiropractic treatments, then massage to acupuncture all to no lasting change or help. In 2005 I went along to the Mind Spirit and Body festival