About Us

Who are we?

Our treatment protocol involves an approach utilizing Neuroskeletal Therapy, Neurokinetics, Manual therapy, Massage therapy, Bowen technique, nutrition, Exercise, Instruction & Education and in addition, an activity based rehabilitation program or work-conditioning program will optimize the recovery potential.

The correct “exercise prescription” is critical to achieving a positive outcome. Specialising in the treatment of back problems, sports injuries and accident trauma the Sydney back clinic uses Neuroskeletal Therapy techniques to reduce both chronic and acute back pain. Neuroskeletal Therapy is a relatively new Para-medical form of skeletal alignment that was developed in the early 1980’s.


how is the treatment
  • Non-manipulative
  • Non-invasive
  • Effective
  • Safe
Sydney Back Clinic Mission
  • To be committed to the comprehensive delivery of the highest quality of care for those suffering from pain and/or stress.
  • To be dedicated to producing the results that you are committed to achieve.
  • To provide you with care, support and understanding to make this environment one that will nurture your ability to achieve your goal.


how do we do it?

We look for the cause of an injury/ trauma , we don’t just treat the symptoms.
We spend time to diagnose an injury/problem and understand and educate our patients.                 Typically consultation last 30 minutes up to an hour.
The first criteria after a trauma is to restore alignment, then to get the muscles                 functioning correctly and lastly to regain strength