01What conditions can Neuroskeletal Therapy helps?

02Is it painful?

03What should you feel during the treatment?

04What should you feel after treatment?

05If I don’t get any of these reactions, does it mean that the treatment didn’t work on me?

06Why do I feel a bit dizzy or light headed when I sit up after a treatment?

07Why should my I have a hot bath or shower after treatment?

08How often should I have a treatment?

09How many treatments will I need to feel better?

10Is there any age limit to treating patients?

11Is this treatment similar to acupressure or acupuncture?

12Is this treatment like Reiki or Energy Healing?

13Would it help to have a massage after the treatment?

14Can It cause any harm by treating anyone?

15But only my neck hurts. Why do I have to do a complete treatment?

16Why do I have to sit up slowly after a treatment?

17How soon after treatment can I play my favourite sport?

18Changes you may experience?

19Is the treatment covered by Medicare or private health funds?
20How much does it cost for a consultation?

21I have a question not answered here?