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Vanessa Bristow (fractured spine)

About 3 years ago, I fell over at work and severely damaged my spine thus crushing and misplacing vertebrae along 3 places in my back. Since then I have tried many therapies from Osteopath to Chiropractic treatments, then massage to acupuncture all to no lasting change or help.

In 2005 I went along to the Mind Spirit and Body festival and was drawn to the Sydney Back Clinics stand. After gathering many leaflets, I felt compelled to look at the Sydney Back Clinic: Dr. Walid Abou Dehn’s website, where I read testimonials and decided to make an appointment.

Upon meeting Dr. Walid I felt peacefully assured that, he would do what he said ‘Help me heal’. The gentle laying of hands which is Neuroskeletal Therapy has greatly diminished my back pain. The treatment is very different and less evasive unlike osteo; at first, I found it hard to understand. Dr. Walid Abou Dehn showed me through his gentle and peaceful nature how healing does not have to hurt or take too long.

Through Neuroskeletal Therapy, I have felt stronger and have needed less treatments overtime. The pain that I dealt with on a daily basis is no longer present. I feel like I can live again. Over the past 6 months, Dr. Walid has helped center, guide and heal me. It is with my utmost faith that I recommend Dr. Walid Abou Dehn at the Sydney Back Clinic.

Vanessa Bristow

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